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Find WDM and DWDM Designs Fast!

Plot of WDM performance

TFCalc/WDM is a program that works with TFCalc to find narrow bandpass filters such as those used in WDM and DWDM applications. Some features:
  • Designs consist of all quarter-wave layers

  • Finds many designs, so that you can choose based on other criteria

  • Searches thousands of designs per second

  • Displays filter performance as designs are found

  • Displays filter properties in a table that can be sorted

  • Computes group delay, maximum electric field intensity, shape, and more

  • Prints all or selected designs

  • Save promising designs in TFCalc format for further analysis

  • Very easy to use

Requires TFCalc (any Windows version) and Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7


  • Do you have documentation that I can study? Yes, click here for a PDF file that contains more information, including screen shots of the user interface. We recommend printing the file to show the details of the screen shots.

  • How fast can I obtain TFCalc/WDM? If you pay by credit card, we can e-mail you the software on the same day. Please specify the serial number of the TFCalc software you will be using.

  • Is there a demo version of TFCalc/WDM? Yes, there is. It doesn't have the capability of searching for WDM designs. But it does include examples of 3, 4, and 5-cavity designs for a 50 GHz DWDM filter. If you have TFCalc, you can export the designs to TFCalc and study them in more detail. Send e-mail to to request the demo.


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