TFCalc Demo and Manual

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The TFCalc 3.5 and TFCalc/WDM demos are available for downloading.

The TFCalc demo has all the features (e.g., saving, printing, optimizing, etc.) of the real software except that (1) thedemo includes only a few coating materials, (2) the capability of determining the refractive index from measured data is not available, and (3) the capability of designing bandpass filters with the prototype method is not enabled. The demo takes only a few minutes to download. If, instead, you would like a demo package mailed to you, please call, fax, or send e-mail. See the contact page.

To download, just click for the

  • TFCalc Windows demo (1265K) This will download the TF_ZIP.EXE program, which is a self-extracting file. When you run it, it asks you where the files should be stored on your computer. Then it will create the TFCalc_Demo directory on your disk. After the TFCalc demo has been created, you may want to make a shortcut to the TFCALC35.EXE file.

  • TFCalc manual (640K). The TFCalc manual (sections 1 and 2 only) is stored as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, which may be viewed or printed. For best results, this manual should be viewed at 150% magnification or printed. The free Acrobat Reader program for viewing PDF files is available for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and DOS from Adobe. See the Adobe Acrobat Web page to obtain that software.

  • TFCalc/WDM demo (904K) This will download the WDM13.ZIP file, which contains (1) the TFCalc/WDM application and help files, (2) a PDF file that describes how the software works, and (3) files named CONTEST3, CONTEST4, and CONTEST5 which the user can open to see how the program was used to find 3, 4, and 5-cavity WDM designs.

If you have any problems installing or using the TFCalc demo, please send e-mail to

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