First number of 7 consecutive twin prime pairs whose first numbers differ by 62 or less.

3, 1135141716537971, 3179722628561621, 4865982414462311, 9725353586573267, 29620272404531951



Only the first 7-tuple (3) has first and last pair that differ by less than 62. Terms beyond the first are from Jens Kruse Andersen, who says that the first and fourth large terms were found by Jim Morton in 2000.

T. D. Noe, Plot of 6 terms

Cf. A007530 (first number of a pair of twin primes differing by 6).

Cf. S000067, S000068, S000069S000070 (3 to 6 twin primes).


T. D. Noe, Jun 27 2014

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