Why TFCalc?

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Why is TFCalc used by so many? A brief answer:

  • TFCalc is easy to use*

  • TFCalc is a stable, reliable tool that works on all versions of Windows

  • TFCalc has the features that coating designers need

  • TFCalc has features that other design programs do not have

  • TFCalc allows the user to define an unlimited number materials, substrates, and illuminants

  • TFCalc allows layers to have variable index, or to be a mixture of materials

  • TFCalc has powerful optimization capabilities, such as

    • needle optimization

    • global search

    • sensitivity optimization

    • optimizing cone-angle targets

  • TFCalc provides a cost-effective solution

  • TFCalc price includes one year of updates and support

  • TFCalc software now includes the WDM package

  • TFCalc outputs designs readable by the Code V and Zemax optics software

*You don't need to take a course to learn TFCalc

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